Central Asian Ovtcharka


Central Asian Shepherd Dog - an ancient breed from the regions of Central Asia. It is not the result of artificial selection: native breed called alabai historically common among Central Asian peoples. Used as shepherds, as well as to protect and for guard duty.
The Central Asian Ovcharkais a large breed of dog recognized by FCI, as a Molossoid type dog breed of Soviet-era origin under Russian patronage. Numerous breed representatives reside in Russia, and local kennel club officials refer to Central Asians as one of the most popular dog breeds in the country, rating them as the #1 breed in the country around 2000.


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Characteristics / Temperament

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Coat Colors

The recognised colors of the Central Asian Ovtcharka are: black, white, and brown.

Life Expectancy

The Central Asian Ovtcharka has a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years.

Height and Weight

The Central Asian Ovtcharka typically weighs between 45 to 80 pounds, placing it on the heavier end of dog breeds. It's typically 18 to 25 inches in height.
Gender Weight Range Height Range
Male 55 pounds - 80 pounds 20 inches - 25 inches
Feamle 45 pounds - 70 pounds 18 inches - 24 inches

Food Consumption in Cups

The Central Asian Ovtcharkawill require on average 2.0 cups of dog food daily for proper nutrition.

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