The Chi-Chi is a cross between a Chinese Crested and a Chihuahua. Dogs. Chi-Chis are known as hybrids or cross-breeds. Sometimes they are called designer dogs to differentiate them from mixes of unknown heritage. The chi-chi is a small dog who is known to take part in competitive obedience and agility sports, They are characterized by a rectangular-shaped body along with an apple or wedge-shaped head like their Chihuahua or Chinese Crested parents. Chi-Chis have bright, round or almond shaped eyes, a slightly arched neck that appears long and slim, narrow shoulders, slender and straight legs as well as a C-shaped tail that is curved when the chi-chi is excited.


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Characteristics / Temperament

Dogs have several different traits or characteristics which may or may not be right for you. Learn if the Chi-Chi has the set of characteristics that are right for you.

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Coat Colors

The recognised colors of the Chi-Chi are: black, white, and brown.

Life Expectancy

The Chi-Chi has a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years.

Height and Weight

The Chi-Chi typically weighs between 45 to 80 pounds, placing it on the heavier end of dog breeds. It's typically 18 to 25 inches in height.
Gender Weight Range Height Range
Male 55 pounds - 80 pounds 20 inches - 25 inches
Feamle 45 pounds - 70 pounds 18 inches - 24 inches

Food Consumption in Cups

The Chi-Chiwill require on average 2.0 cups of dog food daily for proper nutrition.

Chi-Chi Photos

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