New puppy owner checklist

As a new puppy owner, it can be tempting to fill your home with tons of new gadgets, toys, and gear. However, there’s really only a few key items you need to keep your pup healthy, safe, and happy. Below, find the top items you should have on hand before you bring a young dog into your home.

New puppy owner checklist
  1. Lifted food and water bowls: For a new puppy, anything and everything is a toy - even food and water bowls! For owners of young dogs, this means that mealtimes quickly become mess times as puppies step in, overturn, and play a rousing game of keep away with their food and water bowls. These raised food and water bowls keep mealtimes tidy (added bonus: they promote better digestion for many dogs)!

  2. Puppy pad: In general, the number of hours puppies can hold their bladder is about equal to their age in months (i.e., a 3 month-old puppy can wait about 3 hours before needing to relieve themselves). Whether temporary or more permanent, puppy pads can be a useful housebreaking tool for owners, particularly those living in apartments without quick and easy access outside. Place your puppy pad in a designated area of your home and reward your puppy every time he/she uses it (see our recommendation for training treats below). This spray can also help train your puppy to use the puppy pad successfully.

  3. Carpet cleaner: Even the most well-trained pets (and diligent owners!) will have an accident from time to time. This carpet cleaner helps remove stains and odors to keep your carpet fresh. It also discourages your puppy from returning to that area of the carpet or floor to use to relieve themselves.

  4. Chew toys: Many puppies are very “mouthy,” meaning that they use their mouth and teeth to explore their world. Without suitable chew toys, your clothing, furniture, and other valuable possessions can become the targets of their “exploration.” Make sure your home stocked with these durable, fun chew toys in order to keep your favorite pair of boots in great condition!

    New puppy owner chew toys
  5. No chew spray: Related to chew toys, no chew spray can provide an extra layer of protection, particularly for items that are hard to keep out of your canine’s reach (e.g., drapes, plants). This safe, non-toxic spray has an unappealing taste that dogs dislike, discouraging unwanted chewing behavior.

  6. Baby gate: As your new puppy acclimates to your home or apartment, it can be helpful to cordon off certain rooms and spaces that you don’t want him or her to explore without your supervision. This dog gate makes it easy for you to go in and out, while keeping your pup safely away.

  7. Easy walker harness: Walking on a leash is not a natural behavior for a dog - the tension on a leash sparks a pup’s innate tendency to pull against you. Leash training takes considerable time and patience. This small/medium dog harness wraps around your dog’s chest (rather than their sensitive throat), allowing you to lead on the walk with greater ease. For particularly aggressive leash-pullers, this leash uses a head halter to provide even more control.

    New puppy owner leash
  8. Training treats: Training treats are an essential tool for all new puppy owners. As you teach your pup a variety of new skills (and extinguish those unwanted behaviors), these small treats are just the reward you need to tell your dog, “Keep it up!” Ideal training treats are small or easy to break into pieces (you’ll be using them frequently!) and include high-value ingredients, including meat, cheese, and eggs. Pettium recommends the following training treats as you work with your puppy: Cloud Star Chewy Tricky Trainers.