Top 10 dog toys for small dogs

The dog loving team at Pettium knows that happy dogs make happy owners. And the key to a happy dog is a tired dog. With that amazing knowledge in mind, the team spent time and created a list of the top 10 small toys for small dogs. So if you own a small dog, you are going to want to take a look at our top 10 dog toys for small dogs.

If you have a smal dog, meaning a dog under 30 pounds, here is our small dog toy top 10 list:

  1. KONG Classic Dog Toy, Small Learn more on Amazon

    The KONG Classic has been to goto dog toy for over 30 years. The toy is bouncy, not too loud and small dogs love finding what's hidden within. We recommend stuffing great smellings treats into the dog KONG toy to keep your dog happily working to eat what's inside.

  2. Mallard Squeaky Duck Learn more on Amazon

    The duck is a perfect chew toy for small dogs who love duck.

  3. Chuckit! Small Flying Squirrel Learn more on Amazon

    The flying squirrel is flexible but not overly floppy. Each side of the toy is bounded by tubing that maintains the shape and its flying ability.

  4. Snugga Wubba Dog Toy Learn more on Amazon

    Tons of fun, especially if your small dog loves the color pink.

  5. Hedgehog Squeaky Learn more on Amazon

    It's a hedgehog and it squeaks, what else can a small dog ever hope for in a toy!

  6. Raccoon Dog Toy Learn more on Amazon

    Loads of small dog chewing fun, perfect for light to moderate chewers.

  7. ChuckIt! Medium Ultra Balls 2.5-Inch, 2-Pack Learn more on Amazon

    These are truely the best balls in the business of small dog toys.

  8. iSqueak Bone Rubber Dog Toy Learn more on Amazon

    This bone is made from natural rubber and has an engaging squeak your dog will love.

  9. BraidZ Monkey Dog Toy Learn more on Amazon

    A great squeak and fun tug toy for hours of fun with your small dog.

  10. Green Rhinoceros Learn more on Amazon

    Built with high quality and long lasting materials. When your dog bites the Rhinoceros, the toy make a fun sounds.

Thanks for taking the time to read our top 10 dog toys for small dogs. If you have a small dog and feel we missed a toy that our readers should know about, please let us know.