Top 5 Famous Dogs in History

You may know your politicians, your top-ranked athletes, and your award-winning musicians...but do you know your history-making dogs? Before you chuckle and dismiss the accomplishments of our furry four-legged friends, take a look at the list below. You may be surprised at the contributions of these canines to our history!

Balto: Led Sled Drivers Through A Storm To Save Lives

When a terrible blizzard hit, Balto led sled drivers through the storm to find and deliver life-saving medicine to a town hit with a diphtheria epidemic. The intense storm made it impossible for any of the team members to see the way, but Balto kept the course. Without the help of this brave pup, Nome, Alaska would likely have perished due to the epidemic. Balto was a black and white Siberian Husky

Sergeant Stubby: Participated In 17 battles, 4 Offenses

The story of Stubby, a stray found on the campus of Yale University in 1917, will warm your heart. After being smuggled to France during World War I, Stubby participated in 17 battles, 4 offenses, and spent countless hours boosting the morale of troops. His keen senses warned the unit of incoming attacks and helped locate soldiers who went missing. Stubby was even given the rank of sergeant for his service! Stubby's pedigree is unknown, although it is believed to be in large part a Boston Terrier.

Laika: The World’s First Astronaut Dog

Meet Laika, the world’s first astronaut (astro-dog?). Despite her early years as a stray on the Moskow streets, Laika quickly rose to fame as the first animal to orbit the earth in 1957. Although Laika did not survive the trip, she helped scientists learn how living creatures respond to space flight and paved the way for future successful launches. Her true pedigree is unknown, although it is generally accepted that Laika was a husky and possibly part samoyed terrier.

Smoky: Entertained The Troops During World War II

What she lacks in size, this 4-pound Yorkshire Terrier makes up for in cheer and bravery! Smoky was adopted by an American soldier who discovered her in the jungle of New Guinea during World War II. During the most difficult times, Smoky entertained and charmed the troops. She is even said to have saved the lives of several soldiers on one occasion by providing early warning of incoming fire.

Chips: Bravery During World War II

Meet another pup hero who was donated to the army by private citizens during World War II! Chips demonstrated immense acts of bravery during combat, from attacking enemy gunman to dragging a phone cable to his platoon when they were under attack and needed to call for help. This amazing dog survived the war and was reunited with his original owners in 1945. Chips was a German Shepherd and Siberian Husky mix.