What goes on in the mind of a dog?

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  • Such a fun question, what goes on in the amazing mind of a dog! Dog Psychology questions are always super fascinating to me given how humans are so alike and dissimilar to our pets. 

    Here's a list of what goes on in the mind of a dog:

    1. Dreaming: Dogs dream just like people.
    2. Attention & Help: Dogs know how to call for attention and help just like people. It's called barking
    3. Reasoning: Dogs have the same brain power as that of a two year old child.
    4. Listening: Dogs can understand the tone of a human's voice and know if they are happy or bad.
    5. Love: Dogs do fall in love similar to humans with people and dogs they know to be friendly and safe.

    "The dog's brain represents something special about how humans and animals came together. It’s possible that dogs have even affected human evolution."

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